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The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. 

The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to help individuals and families who suffer with the disease of Epilepsy, the incurable neurological disorder in which abnormal brain activity causes seizures or other unnatural behaviors.


We have taken a stance to spread the word of the disease that is affecting millions of lives, to bring hope to those suffering, and partner to find a cure. Our organization is here to offer the Epilepsy community a place of refuge, and tools and resources necessary to maintain a conducive quality of life. 

Recognized by California's 36th Congressional District Representative, Raul Ruiz, M.D. thanking the Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc for our "tremendous work raising awareness about epilepsy and providing support to those in need."

Recognized by the City of Fontana, Mayor Acquanetta Warren and the Fontana City Council for our "continuous commitment in raising awareness about epilepsy and providing support to those in need." Thanking the foundation for our "commitment to the community."

Recognized by the City of Rialto, Mayor Deborah Robertson and the Rialto City Council for our, "continued mission to raise awareness of the disease of epilepsy. It is important to have a voice standup for those who can't, to be a champion of hope and support for the many affected with this disease." Thanking us for "being a beacon to the many communities" that we serve.

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"You are to be commended for your diligence to serve those in need. We appreciate you, and wish you continued success in your quest."

- Joe Baca Jr. 
Supervisor, San Bernardino County

"Thank you for raising awareness against a dreadfully debilitating disease and for your work in informing our community. The foundation's efforts is to be commended and we sincerely appreciate it."

- Mike A. Gipson
Assemblymember, 64th District

"Thank you for your tireless work in unrecognized and underserved communities affected by epilepsy."

- Eloise Gomez Reyes
Majority Leader, 47th District


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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 


The mission of the Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. is to Raise Awareness of the disease of epilepsy and other seizure disorders, Shine a Light for those individuals and families suffering, and partner with other organizations to Find a Cure.   


Vision Statement


The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to supporting individuals and families with epilepsy; helping champions to live a sustainable life through participation of essential supportive programs and services.


The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. serves to bridge the gap between society, epilepsy patients and their families; empowering an isolated community of people to live life to its fullest potential; no matter their condition, providing equal opportunities and equal access to medical care and resources.

Raising Awareness. Shining a Light. Partnering to Find a Cure.