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Resources & Support for Epilepsy

Empowering the Epilepsy Community with Information and Support

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Seizure Action Plan Coalition

Epilepsy , LIFESTYLE

All adults and children with Epilepsy need to have a Seizure Action Plan (SAP), especially those with new-onset epilepsy and those with ongoing frequent seizures. A SAP lets others know what to do in an emergency situation.

Reduce potentially unnecessary emergency healthcare needs by creating a SAP. It could save your life or your child's life. Already have a SAP? Make sure it's updated.

My daughter's school has an SAP on file and your student should have one on file at their school too!

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Rare Patient Voice, LLC


Our awesome partner, Rare Patient Voice, LLC is offering patients (14 and older), caregivers, family and friends the opportunity to earn up to $100 an hour for voicing their opinions. They will pay you for your opinions as you go through your journey with epilepsy and/or other medical conditions. Click the link below to get signed up!

How it works is once you receive an email listing various surveys that are open, you'll click the link and answer the questions. It will tell you in the beginning how long the survey will take to complete and how much it pays. It's a great way for you to make some extra money. We've completed a few surveys, and the checks typically arrive about 2 - 3 weeks after you've completed the survey. Your family members and friends can sign up as well to complete surveys based on their experiences.

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SoCal Adaptive Sports


SoCal Adaptive Sports goes to extraordinary lengths to identify potential and current athletes, and to meet them where they are in their life journey. This means engaging with athletes and their families on the playing field, in rehab facilities, hospitals, their homes and/or any other location that is comfortable.

SoCal Adaptive Sports envisions a world in which everyBODY has equitable access to leading a fulfilling life.

Some of our Champions are participants & LOVE the various sporting opportunities & experiences! Don't be shy, check it out!

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Take My Hand


Take My Hand is a Live Peer Chat Service. The online chat is an anonymous virtual platform that allows you to have a safe place to express your thoughts and your struggles. Peers and staff will remind you that you have social value and you are not alone. So, in those dark days when it seems that there is no way out, in those moments of anxiety when you think that others will not understand you, join the live chat at

Here you can partner with a peer support specialist, who has walked through their own struggles and is here to listen to you, just a few keystrokes away.

Sometimes you just want to anonymously vent to someone who will have a nonbiased opinion about what you're going through! Take My Hand is that listening ear.

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SAMi Sleep Activity Monitor


SAMi is a highly sensitive video-based sleep movement monitor with real-time alerts and automatic recording capabilities. It can Detect, Alert, and Record Seizure-like Movements:
Convulsions, Fluttering, Jerking, Grimacing, Peddling, Rocking, Shaking, Spasms, Twitching Trembling, Wagging, and more.
SAMi is for Parents, Caregivers, and Self Monitoring Adults of all ages and sizes with movement disorders during sleep.

You can get 10% off with our discount code: LBF10

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BILLY Adaptive Footwear


BILLY Footwear creates universally designed shoes that combine fashion and function. Inspired by co-founder Billy's experience with mobility challenges after a spinal injury, the shoes feature innovative zippers that allow the upper to open completely, making them easy to put on and take off independently. BILLY Footwear's mission is to provide stylish, inclusive shoes that accommodate everyone, promoting greater inclusion in fashion.

I already loved BILLY Footwear's designs for how much easier they make it to get shoes on and off, and now I love them even more because they are donating 15% of your purchase to Legacy Bridges Foundation when you use our link!

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