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The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. is passionate about raising a greater awareness about Epilepsy, the neurological disorder that affects an astonishing 1 out 26 individuals, 3.4 million people nationwide, more than 65 million people globally and over 150,000 new cases are diagnosed in the Unites States each year. We are passionate about providing adequate tools and resources to those individuals and families battling this disease; and passionate about partnering with other organizations to find a cure. With your contributions we can continue to support a community that is underserved and unrecognized to live a whole and full life. 

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Get Involved

We are thrilled you would like to volunteer to join us in our efforts to raise awareness, shine a light, and partner to find a cure for those families suffering with Epilepsy and other seizure related disorders. We welcome those that are passionate about helping others and believe that together we can change the world. We are always looking to expand our team in order to reach the masses worldwide. If you are someone that is ready to support a cause that will save lives, and make a huge difference in this world, submit an email via the Volunteer Interest link below and a member from our team will contact you.


Thank you for considering the Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. for your contributions of giving back to your community.

The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. at the Fontana 54th Annual Black History Month Parade and Expo. February 26, 2022  
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