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Happy Family

The Legacy Bridges Foundation, Inc. connects its champions to services which cater to their needs; such as social activities, peer support, essential goods, and more. These services help our champions to feel a sense of independence, accomplishment, and inclusiveness. 


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Seizure Action Plan Coalition

All adults and children with Epilepsy need to have a Seizure Action Plan (SAP), especially those with new-onset epilepsy and those with ongoing frequent seizures.

A SAP lets others know what to do in an emergency situation. Get started today at and join the conversation with #SAPAW2023.

Reduce potentially unnecessary emergency healthcare needs by creating a SAP. It could save your life or your child's life. Already have a SAP? Make sure it's updated. 


The end of the year holidays is meant to be a time of joy, of family, of friends gathering, of candy canes, wrapping paper and presents. But for those going through a family crisis of serious illness, homelessness, abuse, and other family crisis, it is not the happiest of times, especially for the kids.

This is where our community partner A Lot of Good hosts the Winter Wonderland Project and makes a real difference during the holiday season.

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Miracle Flights provides free flights to those in need of life-changing medical care not found in their local communities.
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Take My Hand is a Live Peer Chat Service. The online chat is an anonymous virtual platform that allows you to have a safe place to express your thoughts and your struggles. Peers and staff will remind you that you have social value and you are not alone. So, in those dark days when it seems that there is no way out, in those moments of anxiety when you think that others will not understand you, join the live chat at 

Here you can partner with a peer support specialist, who has walked through their own struggles and is here to listen to you, just a few keystrokes away.

  • Anonymous, safe environment for individuals to share safely.
  • Increase purpose, belonging and social connectedness of individuals served.
  • Detect and acknowledge mental health challenges sooner.
  • Increase access to appropriate level of support and care.
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Our partner, Rare Patient Voice, LLC is offering patients (14 and older), caregivers, family and friends the opportunity to earn up to $100 an hour for voicing their opinions.
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